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In the jungle, color is a survival tactic. At Amazon Factory, expect to find lipsticks of a vast assortment of brilliant colors inspired by the biodiversity found in the rain forest.  Nature has already given you a dazzling smile; illuminate it with luscious color that pops!  Not only do our lip colors offer a plethora of rich tones that will compliment any look, but they also work to soothe and heal lips, naturally beautifying your smile on a biochemical level.  Vivacious color + vitamin E and paraben-free formula = a look so stunning, it’s fierce!


A vigorous lifestyle in the wilderness of modern society requires a lip gloss that’s exuberant in appearance–and also long lasting.  Our Biodiversity Line of lip glosses are formulated to reflect colors that pop with extreme shine and will stay put hours after application.  With an array of colors inspired by the magnificent richness of the tropical rainforest, our Biodiversity collection will vivify all skin tones of the human spectrum.  Once you experience our long lasting, paraben-free formula enriched with vitamin E, you’ll quickly see why these glosses are top sellers.  We dare you to try just one!


Polish off your favorite lip color by using our Biodiversity Line of lip pencils.  Using a mix of creamy sooth textures in a water proof formula, these lip pencils have been hand-selected to compliment our extensive collection of lip color.


Our Biodiversity Line of eye shadows are packed with vibrant colors that can be combined and applied to achieve any look–truly, the possibilities is endless.  Using only the finest micro powders available, our shades can be easily blended and are formulated for long-lasting wear in any bioenvironment.  Our exuberant collection takes a fierce approach to color, available in a variety of textures: flat matte, creamy pearlized, and super frost.  With a shade selection that spans the ample color spectrum of the rain forest, feel free to go wild mixing and matching colors to amplify your gorgeous gaze.


Polish off your favorite eye color by using our Biodiversity Line of eye pencils.  Using a mix of creamy sooth textures in a water proof formula, these eye pencils have been hand-selected to compliment our extensive collection of eye shadows.


When it comes to color in the tropical forest, high definition is law!  That’s why our Biodiversity Line of high performing pigments are infused with shine crystals, formulated to make any skin complexion glisten with vitality.  For use on all skin tones and colors, our hi def mineral shadow and star crystals can be used to freshen the face in so many ways:  apply as an eye shadow, or as a finishing layer for our lip glosses, or use on the t-zone, cheeks, temples, shoulders–the potential for freshness is truly boundless.


Say goodbye to pancake-batter foundations!  Now, there’s no need to resort to products that suffocate and impede the skin’s natural compounds.  It’s time for a product that enhances and revitalizes skin tone in a way that’s naturally healthy and healing.  Introducing our Biodiversity Line of foundation!  Because our foundation uses natural ingredients to camouflage imperfections and dullness, it can be used on all skin colors and complexions within a multitude of ethnicities. While other products can be weighed down with synthetic oils, Amazon Factory uses a water based, non-comedogenic formula that’s infused with wheat germ, which is known for improving skin’s elasticity, and also Vitamin E, nature’s go-to for rejuvenation and constant skin renewal.  For use on all skin types, we also offer a selection of concealers, correctors and finishers that have been hand-selected to accentuate and compliment our foundation collection.  Those who love Amazon Factory’s Biodiversity Line understand what perhaps the ancients of the rain forest have known all along:  when it comes to beautiful skin with a healthy glow, nature is our ally.


This Amazon Factory product will give you plenty of reason to blush–and not because of any awkward embarrassment. Our Biodiversity Blushes manage to do the same thing any natural rosy glow does: it signifies health, vitality, and freshness.  Delight in our wide assortment of blush colors that will polish even the driest of complexions with dewy, creamy color for the cheeks.  Our easy-to-blend blushes are available in textures that are matte for those interested in strictly-color, or enhanced with a subtle shimmer for a boost of glamour. Formulated for use on all skin types and all skin colors, our Biodiversity Blushes give a gorgeous natural finish which every fresh face requires.  Give them a try…then try to use anything else.