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Over millions of years, rainforests have evolved into the complex environments we see today.  Modern scientists are getting more and more familiar with rainforest’s stores of biochemical’s, ripe with potential use for healing and the well-being of humankind.  Expanding research constantly proves what perhaps the ancients of the Amazon have known all along: nature is our biggest ally.

It’s time for the cosmetic world to start paying attention.  Too many companies focus on superficial fixes and unhealthy methods that often clash with nature’s impetus.  Today’s generation understands the value of nature’s biodiversity; they understand that the best products are inspired by elements and processes found in nature.

These thoughts and concerns led the founders of Amazon Factory, Francisco and Katia Das Chagas to our company’s mission.  As native Brazilians, the majestic beauty of the rainforest was no secret to them, and before long they identified a need for makeup that reflects nature’s unlimited generosity and kindness towards life and vitality.

Driven by this need, Amazon Factory developed a Biodiversity Line of makeup that draws inspiration from the diverse ecosystems of the rainforest.  Covering a vast spectrum of vibrant colors and textures found in tropical forests, our Biodiversity products are infused with natural ingredients formulated to enhance natural beauty and well-being.

Every item featured in our Biodiversity Line has been hand-selected because of unique qualities it shares with nature’s abundant store of biodiversity. Here’s the best part: just like the natural processes of the rainforest that work to benefit a diverse species population, our products are designed to work with the diversity of all skin colors and skin types across a multitude of ethnicities.

At Amazon Factory, we invite guests to explore our latest product lines, read about the latest beauty trends, get advice and tips from the experts, or learn more about a brand line at one of our Brand Consultant’s contact list or e-mail support.

Plus, our gift selection includes a wealth of delightful items that are sure to please friends, family, and business associates.



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